Monday, September 7, 2009

Christina Roselle Olsen

We just had a new baby! I can't believe she is over a week old now. This one was hard for me cause I did not get to go to the birth. All my daughter-in-laws (both) know they can have babies without me but I have been keeping it a secret from my daughters. Now they know they can do it without me too. I couldn't go because I woke up that Friday very sick, coughing and with a fever. It was sad for me but another great birth for Eve. I'll let her tell you about it on her blog. This is her first girl and she is sooooo cute!! She is a good baby so far too. I'll put some pictures here for you. She looks like Tripp to me, but some people think she looks like Erick. Both the boys think she is great. All in all we are pretty happy with the way everything turned out.

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